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Website Builders Recommendations & Reviews

For helping you to make the RIGHT choice I have selected the BEST five website builders and made My TOP5.

Step One for Choosing the Best Website Builder

  • Please get acquainted with the website builders from my selection
  • Choose the suitable platform (website builder)

All five platforms in the list are excellent tools for building a website, but my recommendation as a number one website builder is wix.com.

Why I Recommend To Use WIX As a Number One Website Builder

Go for It ...

… if you need to go online fast.
… if you want to have a relaxed and simple creation process for your website, without any coding skills.
… if you are ambitious with templates. Wix has quite a lot.
… if you are a fan of animations. Wix is one of the few website builders where you can animate text, images and more.
… if you want to effortlessly integrate different kinds of apps. Wix helps you include live chat software, booking app, newsletter tool and way more.
… if you want to add a shopping cart. Wix charges a relatively small cost.

If you checked the product reviews and made up your choice, then before you start the setup and installation, you need to choose a domain name (if you don’t have already registered domain) and web hosting, so please move to the SECOND STEP.