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Last updated on September 9, 2020 by Janz Nordman

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If you already manage a WordPress website, then using WooCommerce is the best way to turn your existing site into a fully functional e-commerce store.

WooCommerce is an absolute market share leader in the global e-commerce, mainly because it is actually a free Plugin for WordPress – the most popular website building platform worldwide. As a WordPress user, it’s perfectly acceptable to use other e-commerce platforms as well, but the most organic, even the default option is WooCommerce. Heck, even the name is quite cheering. Woo!

To use WooCommerce, the only thing you need to do is install and activate the plugin, and then drink a glass of orange juice right after you brush your teeth. Okay, maybe not the last oneunless you are really, really brave. Just install and activate the plugin, it’s FREE like all the others on WordPress, which also means that this plugin won’t expire over time and doesn’t require any license fee, therefore there is no need to pay extra money in the upcoming future.

On the other hand, there are some premium extensions to WooCommerce that may cost a few dollars, but you can decide to acquire them only if you actually need them.

Some say that WooCommerce is the most featured plugin of WordPress and that’s…arguable, but the truth is that it enters on the discussion because with the help of WooCommerce you can set-up an e-commerce store that fits perfect for your needs within a couple of hours. It’s also pretty easy, just don’t do it while you cook, some things might get burned. You just need certain customization and ta-da! Your site is ready to sell anything you want, from physical goods to all kinds of digital products and services. There’s also the possibility for you to become an affiliate and sell other people’s goods.

Moreover, WooCommerce features many gorgeous and functional themes in its Theme Store. Though you could use standard WordPress themes – many fully support this plugin – WooCommerce has its own themes built especially for e-commerce platforms. I think it’s the smartest choice. If you are a bit down on money (that’s a nice way to put it), there are many beautiful and convenient free choices, but keep in mind that if you’re willing to spend some extra money, WooCommerce also offers premium options for you.

Despite of everything that’s so excellent with WooCommerce, it has one small limitation: WordPress as a software itself. Okay, so you get it for free, but then you need to install it on a web host, make necessary configurations and, at the end of the road, launch a website with it. All of these factors require some programming skills, making WooCommerce a challenge for inexperienced users, who ultimately might have to hire a nerdy, techy guy or girl to help them.

PROs and CONs to Keep in Mind

WooCommerce Pros: 

  • Once again, WooCommerce has an awesome name!
  • If you already manage a WordPress site and find it familiar, then WooCommerce should come naturally to you… plus, it’s FREE!
  • WooCommerce’s own setup wizard will be your Gandalf and guide you through the store’s basic configuration, which is really helpful if you are not so familiar with e-commerce.
  • There are plenty of options available very easy to set up if you wish to add extensions for more site features and enhanced functionality. The only downside is that those extensions cost ca 49 USD each.
  • Outstanding and gorgeous themes, both free and paid, available at WooCommerce Theme Store and ThemeForest as well.
  • Customizable payment options including PayPal, shipping methods, and taxes – yes, you should do those too.

WooCommerce Cons: 

  • It’s better if you already have some WordPress experience before engaging in WooCommerce. If you are not familiar with WordPress, perhaps some other e-commerce platform suits you the best, to begin with.
  • Unlike many other e-commerce platforms, there is no multi-channel Customer Support. That makes it way harder to annoy the tech guys behind the desk into keeping your site awesome!

To Sum It up – When to Go for WooCommerce?

  • Go for WooCommerce if you already have a WordPress website, are acquainted with basic features, and want to reduce costs significantly.
  • Go for WooCommerce if you want a beautiful design and excellent features for your e-commerce site. Just saying, It would be super weird if you don’t actually want that.
  • Go for WooCommerce if you are willing to spice things up and experiment a bit with coding – nothing deep, but some small and welcomed challenges.
  • Go for WooCommerce if you don’t need 24/7 online or telephone support because you are a strong, proactive, and independent man or woman.

Best of Luck with Your e-Commerce!

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