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What Is WIX About? Review & Setup Guide

If you want to set up a site for yourself or your small business, and your budget is a bit low, a website builder Wix is the perfect solution for you. Picking a website builder might be a little frustrating because it shouldn’t be an easy choice like picking up a tie. You have to consider several factors, the most important being the usability of the website builder, then the uptime, speed and price, in that exact order.

“Time is money”, said the head of Rolex, probably. Therefore, it’s very important to keep that in mind and build the best possible website with the least effort.

Whether you’re a newbie or Mark Zuckerberg (I know you are reading this, Mark), you can be sure that Wix has your back. There you can customize every detail that you want with a simple, visual and intuitive drag and drop editor. Hence why I am a proud Wix user!

How long does it take to build a website? If you need to go online fast, you can do it within a minute. I was actually pretty sceptical at first, it seemed so simple to handle and I was afraid of losing the uniqueness of the website. With Wix, you get the freedom to create a free website that looks just how you want it to look. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are.

I’ve tested everything from Wix’s templates to customization tools and e-commerce options to check if they’re still top-notch. Hopefully this review helps those of you who are not techy types find the website builder that best suits you.

Important Stuff, Pros and Cons To Keep In Mind About Wix


+ You don’t need any design or website set-up knowledge, only basic computer skills, such as copying and pasting text, saving images and…well, surf the Internet, which you already know how to do if you are on Wix. Without worrying about code, you are able to create video backgrounds, parallax, animation and much more. Wix also allows you to embed your code with the HTML-Widget and provides WixCode. Just check out their App Market.

+ Create anything you want with the innovative drag and drop system. You only have to drop site elements on your page, add content and customize your style to give your website the look and feel it deserves. Changes can be made simply by pointing and clicking on site elements. Wix is as flexible as a yoga instructor, but with less expensive sweatpants.

+ Most noteworthy - all contents you create are SEO compatible.

+ Wix offers around 500 templates, 200 Apps and services that help you grow your business or online brand from the scratch. Furthermore, these templates can be adjusted to fit your needs. It doesn’t matter what’s your niche. Start-ups, large corporations, nonprofits, B2B, B2C, businesses from industries like technology, food, health, beauty, camps, travel, finance, arts, fair trade…they’re all more than welcome! Wherever your interests lie, there’s a home for them on Wix that looks like a professional designer made it.

+ With outstanding opportunities for creative customization and site features, you can bring almost any feature (heading, photo, menu or whatever) to life and make it zoom, fade out or spin onto the page.

+ Wix App Market includes hundreds of third-party site features to enhance your website. Wix Apps function like WordPress plugins or Google Chrome extensions. Different names, same thing, like the Fast & Furious movies. Wix own apps make up to more than 80 high-quality options. For example, Wix Bookings is an app that allows you to take bookings for your services. It has a free try out, by the way.

+ Online store & shopping cart functionality. Wix not only helps you create an attractive online store but also takes care of the heavy loads for your business, like orders, checkouts, fulfilments, a shopping cart solution and more. It’s your artistic friend who also works as a financial advisor, publicists and lifeguard at the beach.

+ Mobile friendly. If Moses were alive today, God would probably hand him a tablet with 11 Commandments. The extra one would be: “Your site shall be accessible across ALL platforms”. For atheists, Neil deGrasse Tyson says so too. That’s why Wix automatically creates a mobile-friendly version of your site, then lets you edit it separately, allowing you to optimize the users’ mobile experience.

+ Furthermore, Wix offers comprehensive support articles, videos and a help centre. You only need to type your question(s) in their search box to reach for help. Wix also includes an active forum and phone support across all their plans. That support comes in 26 languages and that’s…probably enough.

+ Every Wix website is hosted on Wix’s servers. That means a group of professionals works at all times to make sure that your site remains fast and secure.

+ Wix automatically creates backup points of your website that always stay secured, so you’ll never lose important information…and that’s awesome when you are a bit sloppy.

Cons (buuhh stuff):

– Since you are working within the confines of their templates and editing system, you lose a bit of control and creative freedom with a hosting site like Wix.

– If you switch templates later, you’ll lose your content and customizations, so don’t rush to pick up a favourite template! Wix is not very generous when it comes to template’s transformation freedom. You can’t really access the HTML or CSS code to edit or export it, you can add a HTML box, but never rewrite your whole site.

– Extra features have limitations too. For instance, you can’t upload your own fun videos and use them as background. Wix only lets you use their stock video backgrounds.

– There’s a free plan only for those who don’t mind using a Wix subdomain. You’d also have to display Wix ads and endure limited functions. To enjoy the full Wix experience (I should register that phrase), you have to pay a premium plan. Before swiping your credit card, keep in mind that every website builder has different requirements.

To Sum Up – When To Go For Wix?

  • Go for it if you need to go online fast.
  • Go for it if you want to have a relaxed and simple creation process for your website without any coding skills.
  • Go for it if you are ambitious with templates. Wix has quite a lot.
  • Go for it if you are a fan of animations. Wix is one of the few site builders where you can animate text, images and more.
  • Go for it if you want to effortlessly integrate different kinds of apps. Wix helps you include live chat software, booking app, newsletter tool, and way more.
  • Go for it if you want to add a shopping cart. Wix charges a relatively small cost.

Most noteworthy, I`ve actually used Wix several times to create my own websites. I always have a particular design in mind and just need a quick way to build it, and leave the security updates on other hands.

It all has turned out for the best. Hope it works for you too and definitely check out the setup guide.

Good luck with your site.