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Last updated on May 24, 2021 by Janz Nordman

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Having an online presence is crucial for nearly every business these days, which is why having a website is necessary. However, most businesses tend to start off with quite a limited budget. As such, the large majority of them cannot afford to hire a professional to create their website.  

Some years ago, this would have simply meant that the business in question needs to wait before they can start expanding their online influence. These days, this is no longer the case, as website builders like Wix have made it extremely easy to make professional and beautiful-looking sites all on your own.  BestCloudTools recommends Wix as one of the best among many website builders.

What is Wix about? 

As mentioned, Wix is a website builder — one used by over 100 million people. It is used by people in pretty much every country out there, and that’s no coincidence. Wix is very easy to use, affordable, and it allows users to create a basic website within minutes. 

Of course, the more time and effort you put into the creation of your website, the better it will look. However, the very fact that you can use Wix to create a professional-looking site on your own, even if you have no previous experience with making websites, is a huge advantage delivered by modern technology. 

How Does Wix Work? 

Wix’s ease of use comes from the fact that it is a drag-and-drop website builder. What this means is that you can create a website without having to write a single line of code. 

Considering that most people do not have education or experience with coding, this is more than significant. Instead of having to code on your own, or hire someone to do it — you can simply select different elements and position them anywhere on the page you are editing. 

Adding new pages is as easy as adding new elements.  

Wix also covers pretty much any industry, with different templates that fit everyone’s needs. So, whether you are launching a small business, a shop, a cafe or a restaurant, your own hospitality service, or if you are providing services concerning photography, music, or even graphic designing — Wix will have perfect templates for your niche. 

This, of course, doesn’t only cover templates, but also various apps and tools, as well. 

The company established itself with ease since it emerged in 2006 due to this ease of use, but also because it combined two types of website builders into one. 

You see, before website builders like Wix were around, there were two types of builders — a classic template-based builder, and an AI platform. A classic builder allowed you to pick from a vast library of templates and it let you make a website on your own. An AI builder would ask you a series of different questions, and it would then use your answers to design a website that you might like.  

Wix combined the two, and it offers you the ability to let AI create a site for you, or you can do it yourself with over 500 industry-specific templates.

How to Get Started with Wix? 

As mentioned before, starting out with Wix is extremely easy, and all you will need at first is an email address. That’s it. This will provide you with a free version that does have its limits, but for a base website, it is more than enough. 

Meanwhile, if you wish to create a custom URL, a custom favicon, create an online store or eliminate Wix promotions, you will need to upgrade and obtain a premium account. 

However, you should not let this worry you. Wix is far from being expensive, and it offers some excellent and affordable plans. You can choose from: 

Connect Domain — $4.50/mo

This plan offers: 

  • 1GB of bandwidth  
  • 500MB storage  
  • It lets you connect your domain. It also displays Wix brand ads, and it is the most basic one. 

Combo — $8.50/mo

This is a plan for personal use, and it likely will not be enough for businesses. With it, you get:  

  • 2GB of bandwidth 
  • 3GB of storage space 
  • The ability to connect your domain 
  • Remove ads 
  • Get a free domain for 1 year 
  • 30 video minutes 

Unlimited — $12.50/mo

This is likely the best plan for businesses. Wix offers it for freelancers and entrepreneurs, and with it, you can create beautiful websites that will present your business well. With this plan, you get: 

  • Unlimited bandwidth 
  • 10GB of storage 
  • The ability to connect your domain 
  • Remove ads 
  • Free domain for one year 
  • 1 video hour 
  • Visitor analytics app ($60 value) 
  • Site booster app ($60 value) 

VIP — $24.50/mo

The last of Wix’s plans is called VIP, and if you choose this one, the company promises first priority support. It is the largest and most expensive of the bunch, although you will likely agree that for less than $25 per month, it is more than affordable. With it, you get: 

  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth 
  • 20GB Storage 
  • Connect Your Domain 
  • Remove Wix Ads 
  • Free Domain for 1 Year 
  • 2 Video Hours 
  • Site Booster App – $60 Value 
  • Visitor Analytics App – $60 Value 
  • Professional Logo – $50 Value 
  • Social Media Logo files 
  • Priority Response 
  • VIP Support 

Once You Have Created an Account, What’s Next? 

As mentioned, creating an account is rather easy, and you can start with a free one, or purchase one of the plans straight away — it’s your choice. 

After that, however, you will be offered a choice between different site types. You can choose if you want your site to be a: 

  • Business site 
  • Designer site 
  • Event site 
  • Blog 
  • and more. 

Wix will then allow you to decide if you want its AI to automatically create a site for you, or to do it yourself by selecting a site template option. In essence, there are around 12 site types, each of which has its own subcategories, so you can be rather specific about the type of site you want. 

If you go down the template route, there are hundreds of them to choose from, as mentioned. This is much more than Wix’s competitors, such as Weebly or Squarespace offer. A lot of them are completely free, too, even though they look just as professional as the premium ones. 

You also get to see previews that will show you how your site might look like if accessed from a smartphone. The only downside here is that you cannot change the template after choosing it, which is something that you can do when using one of the mentioned competitors. 

But, other than that, the rest is pretty straightforward, and you can immediately start editing your site. Simply drag and drop different elements, move them around your site, and add content. That includes anything, from the text, media, buttons, social media widgets, different shapes, and more. There is nothing that you cannot do with Wix, and all that you need from this point on is imagination. Wix will take care of the rest. 

PROs and CONs to Keep in Mind 

As mentioned, Wix has plenty of advantages that make it more than worth using, but it also has a few downsides. These cons are nothing too serious, and certainly nothing that will act as a deal-breaker for most people.  

Even so, you need to know the positives and the negatives before you get into creating your site, and certainly before you pay for one of its plans. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at Wix’s biggest pros and cons. 

Wix Pros: 

  • Extremely easy to use 
  • Offers a free plan 
  • Filled with all kinds of gadgets and features 
  • Excellent uptime  
  • Professional customer service 
  • Hundreds of templates, many of which are free 
  • Extremely flexible 
  • Allows you to add animations 
  • Offers AI and template site-building alike 

Wix Cons: 

  • Lacks an integrated statistics feature 
  • You cannot switch templates after selecting one 
  • Sites do not use responsive design (not in a strict sense) 
  • You might have to spend money on 3rd party apps 
  • The number of customizable options can be overwhelming 

To Sum It up — When to Go for Wix? 

In the end, should you go for Wix? We believe so.  

Wix is an excellent option for businesses and private users alike. It does have its downsides, but its positives greatly outweigh its negatives, and as long as you are careful when it comes to template selection, you should be able to handle the rest with ease. 

So, we suggest going for Wix if you wish to create a professional-looking website for your business or personal use on your own. It is very affordable and easy to do, and you will likely not need any outside assistance. 

  • Go for Wix if you want to create your own personal or business website. 
  • Go for Wix if you wish to create a website on your own. 
  • Go for Wix if you wish to choose between plenty of different options that will let you make a unique site. 
  • Go for Wix if you want quality and low price in the same package. 
  • Go for Wix whether you are a beginner or an expert. 

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