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What Is SITE123 About?

Building a website can be an easy task or quite hard, depending on which of the several ways you choose (or if you live in a third-world country almost no Internet). You can use drag-and-drop tools or you can write the code entirely by yourself, but there are plenty more opportunities like Site123!

Site123 is a refreshing alternative to drag-and-drop editors with pre-made elements, that has absolutely nothing to do with coding. So don’t worry, you can chill.

Site123 is one of the easiest website builders, as it offers a simple step by step guide on how to set up your very own and special website. You’ll be able to do it within minutes; probably faster, you can make coffee. Either way, pay attention to it,  your kitchen’s safety first.

Site123’s user interface is effortless and only requires you to adjust the parts that compose the website to your taste. With many default styles and professional layouts, Site123 allows users to create websites that are responsive, search-engine-optimized (SEO), and thoroughly adapted to every device. Gotta think about those smartphones too, you know. Whether you are a blogger and entrepreneur looking to sell your unique products, online services, or gorgeous cat photos, Site123 offers personalized, practical, and accessible solutions to satisfy all your desires. Website-related desires only.

Some Pros and Cons to Keep In Mind About Site123


User-friendly. Create your site simply walking through the “Wizard” menu. There you’ll be able to edit your website’s layout and set up different kinds of menus. After that, you’ll only have to upload your great content and get a designed cross-platform website.

+ Site123 offers 13 customizable layouts that are very easy to change. You can also change your site’s layout as many times as you want and you’ll still own a professional, gorgeous website with that special look and feel.

+ Select your website style from 11 categories that include business, online store, blog, event, photography, technology, food and more. After choosing what’s your type, you’ll receive a standard and customizable template that’s properly designed to satisfy your niche. There are over a 100 available templates, each of them already mobile optimized and they adjust on their own to whatever screen your visitors are using, from smart TVs to smartphones to holograms (I’m sure those exist). With so many options, the only hard part is choosing!

+ Site123 offers as well many beautiful stock images and free-licensed pictures via Unsplash in case you need additional visual support to improve your site’s style.

24/7 Customer Support. Site123 offers their customers access full guidance via live-chat or the Support Centre, a comprehensive support database where you can quickly find answers to the most common (and not so common) questions.

+ Site123 has free hosting on a secured server.

No roof to stop your ambition. You can build a gazillion websites if you want. Okay, probably not a gazillion because it’s an imaginary number, but just under one account you can build an empire of sites and manage them all with a single admin username. So much power!

+ Site123 integrates third-party plugins, mostly analytics and Webmaster tools that benefit experienced users and online business owners.

+ With Site123 your site is built with SEO always in mind.

+ Con Site123 puedes diseñar tu sitio web en una gran variedad de idiomas. Sorry about that, I had my configuration in Spanish. But that’s because one of the most special features from Site123 is that you can set up your website in 69 different languages. And that’s awesome or…genial!

Affordable pricing. Site123 is available in both free and Premium versions, the second one costs 9.80$/month, which is very accessible if you’re a bit down on money. The main differences between both plans are the storage capacity, bandwidth, e-commerce options, and some advanced features. The free plan includes hosting and the web wizard with all its magic tools. Pun intended.


– Site123 templates are clean and look modern, but basic. Maybe even too basic for pros, so maybe it works better for creating landing pages than full-blown websites.

– Not designed to handle complex e-commerce needs. Site 123 supports e-commerce; that is, you guessed it, basic. You can easily add a 24/7 online store, and that’s pretty much it. Its tools work for small and mid-sized online stores, but not for e-commerce websites. Sorry, Jeff Bezos.

– If you’re a Robot enthusiast, then you might have a hard time because users are not allowed to access the code, so you can’t modify it or add a new code.

– You can’t import or export site content.

– Editing separate elements is as tricky as untying a delivery bag knot.

Final, Thoughtful and Unquestionable Conclusion: When to Hook Up With Site123?

  • Hook up with Site123 if you are not “drag-and-drop” kind of person (strange classification, I know) and prefer website elements pre-made.
  • Site123 is a great choice if you are looking for a more straightforward website set-up process.
  • Pick Site123 if you want free, basic, and modern blogging or portfolio website.
  • On the other hand, if you want to own your domain and e-commerce functionality, you’ll have to spend the big bucks (actually 9.80$/month) and purchase the paid plan. So hook up with Site123, supposing that you are on a budget.
  • Hook up with Site123 if you are looking forward to selling a few products via your online store.


Overall, Site123 is one of the best lightweight website builders right now on the market. Site123 is like the police: simple, yet effective, even if it doesn’t give you much of choice.