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Last updated on September 11, 2020 by Janz Nordman

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On its website, PinnacleCart establishes itself as the “all-in-one online store solution obsessively engineered to increase visitors and conversions while growing sales”. Heck, that could be Disney’s tag too! Fortunately, it doesn’t make it any less accurate. Therefore, please say hello to PinnacleCart as a new entry to e-Commerce Builders.

PinnacleCart in General

PinnacleCart is designed for business owners who would like to have more control over their e-commerce storefront because power is fantastic! Or at least when it comes to your entrepreneurship.

It’s an integrated, top-notch platform that enables you to build a store from scratch without too much effort and then escalate it to new heights of success. Also, unlike Everest, there are no harmful consequences if many people reach their pinnacle (pun totally intended) at the same time. Therefore, it represents the perfect solution for just about every online owner. Even you, Greg.

On the other hand, seriously people, stop climbing the Everest at the same time! Now back to the review…

PinnacleCart is one of the few platforms out there that allow you to fully adjust it to meet every unique need you can think of for your business. And I mean fully. Do you want to tweak a couple of features? No problem with that. Do you need the platform to work with your heavily customized CRM? You can do that too. Do you want that every time a client makes a purchase, there’s suddenly pop up with a picture of your clients when they were eight years old, so they are reminded of their beautiful childhood?

Mmmm probably not. It’s weird and perhaps illegal, but the very fresh and healthy thing that you want in e-commerce is enabled. Do you want to build a website without much knowledge so you can offer clients products and services that add value to their lives while you increase your revenue and enjoy a more prosperous life? Yes! That’s how PinnacleCart works.

Since they don’t limit business owners, they’ve created the platform to be truly scalable for everyone.

Also, you’ll be okay with individual elements. They are all good. PinnacleCart supports both physical and downloadable products, social media integration to keep your audience engage (and/or post regular selfies, I don’t judge), product syndication to all major sites including Amazon and Google and every other corporation that secretly controls the planet. In fact, the core product includes a standard of more than 500 features ready for you and easy to use.

It integrates wholly as well with all major shipping, payment and tax fixes. Moreover, it is entirely PCI and PA-DSS compliant, making it one of the most secure solutions on the market. As Gandalf said: “Malware, you shall not pass!”

However, I think a saw a different Lord of the Rings version.

Of course, there might come a time when you’ll need help. There always is, that day, when you need excellent customer service or store management. Unlike the friend who leaves you on the Friendzone, PinnacleCart is for you just the way you want it to be. Besides the software, they offer a full pack of services designed to help businesses grow. These include store management, live chat, customer support and even more.

Main Features of PinnacleCart

  • Completely customizable – Different to most e-commerce platforms on the market available today, PinnacleCart can be fully customized to meet the specifics of any business.  This opportunity provides companies with enough flexibility to tweak the solution to work as they need it to work. Most providers only enable you to tweak the front end, and they receive much hate for it. With PinnacleCart, you can adjust both the design and the functions of the cart, and all you’ll give is love!
  • Very robust and complete app store with over 100 apps to enhance your store’s performance and functionality. Apps that can be either free or paid include superb solutions such as accounting, reporting, product management, back-end office, dentist appointments and more. Okay, they don’t include dentist appointments… yet.
  • PinnacleCart supports more than 20+ payment options so you can calmly acquire their services without asking a friend to lend you his/her credit card. That’s always uncomfortable. Some payment systems included are Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, and more. The platform offers as well about 30 free e-commerce fully customizable and mobile-responsive templates.
  • Pay one price for Every. Single. Feature. Unlike other platforms, there’s no need to pay for extras. PinnacleCart charges e-commerce merchants one price for all of their functions.  There’s no need to pay additional bucks for Abandoned Check-Out Recovery, Quickbooks or Recurring Billing; you get them FREE with every plan. The starter plan costs $49/month and includes pretty much everything. When you think about it for a second, it doesn’t come off as expensive.  This allows store owners to manage their business in a predictable fashion. And that’s how you win a Nobel Prize for Economics! Or not. I don’t know how people pick these awards.
  • Strong customer support.  PinnacleCart offers email, phone, chat, and a very robust knowledge base to engage with owners and help them in times of need. Just don’t make prank calls.
  • The platform offers a 14-day trial period so you can test before deciding if you want to follow, transparent pricing and month-to-month billing. Therefore, you can cancel anytime. Yes, baby, you are in control.
  • They offer marketing services, live chat, customer support, store management, and more eCommerce services to help you increase your sales and become a productive, happy person without the need for hiring a team of your own. See it this way: You will not need to fire people!
  • Zero transaction fees. That is just great for apparent reasons.

Let’s Wrap This Whole Thing up!

  • Even though PinnacleCart is fantastic for beginners, I think, perhaps, established businesses could get more value out of the features and services they offer. Plus, those can better afford $49/month.
  • If you have virtually no clue about HTML or design, PinnacleCart is there for you. Trust me; it is straightforward to set up and manage.
  • Need help often? That’s all right. PinnacleCart offers a variety of services especially designed to grow your business.
  • Do you believe security matters? Well, of course, you do! PinnacleCart is one of the most secure platforms on the market. It’s safer than the CIA’s homepage. Or at least they say.

It’s a wrap! Please feel free to comment about your experience if you use PinnacleCart. You are also welcome to read my blog article “6 Aspects When You Choose an e-Commerce Website Builder“.

PS: If your name is Greg, that’s pure coincidence.

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