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Last updated on September 17, 2020 by Janz Nordman

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Whether for business or a hobby, a lot of people wish to have their own website on the internet. However, many are also intimidated by the idea, since — let’s face it — not a lot of us are experienced coders. At the same time, we are not willing to pay a fortune and hire a developer to do it for us.

Fortunately, we don’t have to do or be either of those things. With the world revolving around internet use for years now, there is quite a bit of advanced software that simplifies things like making and building pages on websites. In other words, these days, it is quite simple to do it even if you are not tech-savvy at all.

So, whether you have no experience when it comes to building professional-looking websites, or you know all about it, BestCloudTools can assure that page builder like Colibri makes the website creating simple, fast, and even enjoyable.

What is Colibri about?

As mentioned, Colibri is a WordPress page builder, although it is not like most others you may have heard of. It stands out from the rest due to its deep integration with the WordPress Customizer.

Simply put, Colibri is built into the Customizer, which is a big advantage because you can create all of your site’s pages from a single location. There is no need to switch between screens or windows, which makes it much more user-friendly than its competition.

This integration with the Customizer also takes its usefulness to the next level. You can easily customize headers, footers, page content, navigation menus, individual or global styling, and much more.

Colibri also allows you to combine all kinds of options, such as overlays, backgrounds, spacings, graphic separators, and more. All of this gives you a lot of creative freedom to make your site as beautiful and as unique as you always wanted it to be.

You can also add entire sections, featuring videos, image collage, slideshows, and more. These hero sections will make for an excellent first impression for new visitors to your website. And, as you know, the first impressions are very important, as they will decide how the visitor will feel about your site, and whether they will be intrigued enough to stay and explore it further.

Colibri Has a Lot to Offer

  • Over 150 pre-made content blocks
  • More than 60 full website templates
  • Over 40 Drag & Drop components

Best of all, it needs zero codings in order to make it all happen. With Colibri, you can make a beautiful, professional-looking website without knowing how to write a single line of coding, which is quite a revolutionary feature.

With more than 150 predefined blocks, creating pages with Colibri is simple and fast. So, all of the blocks are fully customizable, so you can fit them anywhere in seconds, as well as change certain aspects that need modifying.

Its Drag & Drop components will also allow you to create new, custom blocks, or further modify the existing ones. As mentioned, there is no technical knowledge needed, and anyone can do it with ease.

Now, you may be wondering about the price of using this excellent software. The first thing to note here is that Colibri comes in two versions:

  • Free
  • Pro

The free version is, as expected, rather limited. However, if you wish to test out the builder before purchasing it, it will certainly serve its purpose.

Free Features

  • Live editing in Customizer
  • 3 predesigned templates
  • 5 header designs
  • Image and gradient backgrounds
  • Video and slideshow backgrounds (Hero only)
  • 2 global color schemes
  • 3 header layout options
  • 2 navigation menu layers
  • 34 predesigned content blocks
  • Ability to create a homepage only
  • 1 footer block
  • Access to Colibri cloud platform
  • Access to tech support
  • Responsive out of the box

As you can see, there are quite a few features for the free version of the software. However, even this pales in comparison to what the Pro version has.

Pro Features

  • Live editing
  • Over 60 templates
  • More than 20 header designs
  • Image and gradient background
  • Unlimited video and slideshow backgrounds
  • Graphical section dividers
  • 10+ Global color schemes
  • 17 header layouts
  • 5 Navigation menu layouts
  • Navigation colors
  • 4 Header media types (video, image, image collage, lightbox)
  • Out-of-the-box responsiveness
  • More than 170 content blocks
  • The ability to create unlimited pages
  • Full control over typography and colors
  • Advanced styling
  • Blocks for Google Maps, counters, photo gallery, and footers
  • Access to Colibri cloud platform
  • Ability to customize footer colors and text
  • Priority tech support

So, how much will the Pro version cost? That also depends on the plan, and whether you opt for a yearly or lifetime plans. Here is what you can choose from:

Yearly plans:

  • Personal plan — $79 per year
  • Business plan — $99 per year
  • Agency plan — $199 per year

Lifetime plans:

  • Personal plan — One-time payment of $169
  • Business plan — One-time payment of $239
  • Agency plan — One-time payment of $449

PROs and CONs to Keep in Mind

As you have seen, there is quite a bit to Colibri, and we have only scratched the surface by listing what it offers. It is up to you to find creative ways to combine all of its features and create amazing websites.

Therefore, Colibri itself is more than worthy of getting and using, and if you need further convincing, take a look at its pros and cons:

Colibri Pros:

  • Extremely beginner-friendly
  • Offers some stunning designs
  • It offers a massive number of blocks, templates, and Drag & Drop components
  • Colibri features a free plan
  • It also offers multiple Pro plans, so you can choose exactly the one you need
  • Offers a lifetime version
  • Integrated into Customizer and operational out-of-the-box

Colibri Cons:

  • Still lacks e-commerce integration
  • Still no multi-language support
  • Support can be slow

To Sum Things up – When to Go for Colibri?

In the end, we can confirm one thing — Colibri is definitely worth checking out. It is a perfect tool for anyone who wishes to quickly and easily create a website.

New and inexperienced website builders can use it to make a professional-looking website on their own, without needing help from actual professionals. Meanwhile, professionals can use it also, as it will significantly speed up the process of creating websites.

There is no longer the need to make a site by inserting one line of code after the other. Instead, you can now simply drag and drop blocks, select themes, and make all the changes with only a click or two.

  • Go for Colibri if this is your first time building your own website
  • Go for Colibri if you are a professional who wishes to build website pages quickly and without much effort
  • Go for Colibri if you enjoy having plenty of options, great flexibility, and a rich set of features
  • Go for Colibri if you want quality and quantity at the same time
  • Go for Colibri to be able to customize any element on the page to pixel-perfection

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