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Last updated on October 5, 2020 by Janz Nordman

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Nowadays everyone has too many passwords to remember. For Gmail, Facebook, own sites and even 9gag. And passwords should be unique to each environment, that means they’re not to be reused with different services and should be hard to guess. So yeah, your birthday is probably not the best idea… and neither is your mom’s.

Passwords are a total headache, even more so if you pay attention to Troy Hunt (which you should!), who says the only perfect password is the one you can’t remember. Hey! Mom’s birthday is not the worst idea after all.

I’ll present you the perfect solution for this pain in the bottom area. You should get a digital password manager that keeps all your passwords safe and sound and lets you sleep at night. Plus, the main bonus is you only have to remember one main password – the one that opens the password manager :). Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Hold on a second though! Bear in mind that you still need to generate this master password as strong as possible in order to avoid potential hacking.

Even if there are quite a few digital password managers available, I personally suggest 1Password, primarily because of its user friendliness as it is ready to use in all your devices, browsers and operating systems. Well no grandpa, your Nokia flip from 2003 is not included.

1Password syncs the information smoothly between your devices so your passwords are always with you like a sweet companion. As a bonus feature, you may also store other relevant and top-secret information in this secure vault, such as credit cards, banking information, CIA recordings, locations of ancient treasures and more. Troy Hunt uses the app and so does the Illuminati… or do they?

This all sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? Yet the most useful and practical feature 1Password offers is the auto-fill on mobile devices since it can record (as long as you give permission) your usernames and passwords when you sign in to apps and websites. Thanks to this, you could log automatically to all supported apps simply by entering your master password and voilá! Now you can head on to your favorite ASMR Reddit forum.

1Password provides some amount of document storage to each account and I find it pretty convenient. The storage room size varies according to the plan you choose, starting from 1GB on Personal&Families level and up to 5GB per person for Team and Business level plans. Such a plenty storage offers the chance to include the most important on 1Password secure vault.

Development team has worked so hard on security issues that they were almost called Mr. Kaspersky 2. The company uses the so called zero-knowledge model, which basically means that you and only you know the master password. It’s your deepest, most personal secret and it will never be known by 1Password, so… please don’t forget about it! Because if you do, they won’t be able to help you out. However, you might be able to recover access to your data.

1Password takes an extra security step on the initial sign-up and it gives you an emergency kit including sign-in and e-mail address, a 128-bit security key which is generated locally and is not sent to 1Password, a gallon of water, a flashlight and an extra pair of batteries. Ok perhaps not an actual security kit, but a digital one with the first couple of items for sure. You can even turn on two-factor authentication for extra security, making your data even more harder to steal by the bad guys.

In the light of the recent 773 million e-mail address leak (known as Collection #1), I must mention Watchtower service provided by 1Password as well. It functions like a clock alert system that informs you if there are security breaches in any of the services and sites you use. As I said, very convenient.

1Password grants Travel Mode as a possibility to remove all personal data from your mobile device and save it securely in the vault while you enjoy a vacation and keeping sight of your phone is not your #1 priority. Thus, if you lose your phone or it gets stolen, your data remains without harm and you can restore it later with a single click. Voilá!



+ Very user-friendly
+ Available on Mac, IOS, Windows, Android, Linux, Chrome OS
+ Top-level, secret agent security
+ Different plans (Basic, Families, Team, Business with possibility to add users)
+ 1-year back item history backup
+ Travel Mode
+ Watchtower service
+ 24/7 support forum
+ 30-days free trial period


No 31-days free trial period
No free plan
No live support

TO SUM UP – WHEN TO GO FOR 1PASSWORD? … or the unexpected virtue of a great conclusion

1Password is an outstanding application with a user-friendly interface and top-notch security solutions. They provide 24/7 support through e-mail and forums, and they also include tutorials and manuals with lots of print-screens. Yeah, I know there’s no phone support available but 1Password is so smooth I don’t think you could ever need it.

Though pricing is not the cheapest on the market, being most favourable for families (4,99 USD/month if billed annually), what you receive is a high quality service that’s worth every penny… or every “Penny! Penny! Penny!”, as Sheldon would say.

I’m compelled to give credit to 1Password for the exceptionally good setup and usage guides, which you’ll find right here:

So go ahead! Forget about your many passwords, work with 1Password.

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