This page contains a list of all my recommendations regarding various online tools, apps and products. Every resource listed here are my personal favorites and quite important for running my business.



Trello’s collaboration tool for team leaders is one of the top-notch available. This app is so flexible and damn efficient that is uses range from collaborating and leading colleagues to planning your awesome vacation in Bali (other destinations work too).

With a free, basic plan and an outstanding boards concept, Trello’s most significant benefit is how fun it makes the process of project management.

Trello actually gives you more than meets the eye!


Need to track with great competence? Then take a closer look at Toggl. This tool blends seamlessly with smaller business, freelancers and suits team management too, as it tracks time spent on projects and analyzes productivity. In another words, this app is a digital HR department, except that the app can take more jokes.

The basic plan is 100% free and a sweet bonus, 30-days free trial applies also for paid plans.

Toggl keeps an eye on time so you can win it back!



Book geeks, welcome to Disneyland. Scribd is a stunning place where you can find an unlimited number of books (4.83 gazillions actually), audiobooks, magazines and documents. I suggest you browse according to your interests, such as politics, science and tech, career and money, business, personal development (this is the one with Deepak Chopra), and more. At first, you’ll enjoy a 30-days free trial and then you’d need to pay only 9€/month.

Stay curious and get inspired!



There’s no room for argument here: everyone will eventually need slick, professional-looking photos. Even ghosts. Istockphoto allows you to browse for the very best available photos, images, illustrations and videos.

Everything is nicely spread into categories, which make the search smoother. Since they are owned by Getty Images, the biggest stock photography agency in the world, you can be sure of the variety and quality you’re receiving.

Istockphoto is about less searching and more finding!


Shutterstock is an amazing stock photo agency full of photos, images and even music. With more than 10 years of experience, they’ve built a portfolio with over 220 billion articles at very affordable prices. Shutterstock is like the Great Wall of China: big, reliable, innovative, and most definitely worth of exploring. You can actually see it from space!

Great stories start with Shutterstock!



There is no way to underestimate the relevance of SEO. Simon says it and so do I!

With Moz you learn SEO from the industry experts!


Do you want to be as serious with SEO as intense athletes are with Crossfit? Then you need Ahrefs, without a doubt, the perfect tool when it comes to backlink analysis. Ahrefs offers insights on why are your competitors ranking so high and what you need to do to outrank them.

Learn the best SEO with Ahrefs!



With graphic media design tools, drag-and-drop functionality and professional layouts, Canva brings out the artist in all of us and helps us to create sharp presentations and cool social media graphics. Its approach is user-friendly and very easy to explore, even if you’re only starting out.

Canva already includes a vast archive of images, though you can effortlessly upload your own.

Lets start creating beautiful designs!



There are lots of digital password managers available, but I personally suggest you use 1Password. It’s available to use in all devices, operating systems and browsers. It syncs between your different equipment, keeps your logins and sensitive data as safe as Fort Knox. 1Password remembers all your passwords and enables you to log in to sites with a single click.

Go ahead. Forget your passwords.