How to Install a WordPress Plugin

Last updated on May 17, 2020 by Janz Nordman

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Duration for installing WordPress plugin: 10 minutes.

Plugins are pieces of software that are designed to perform a specific task or add a special feature to any self-hosted WordPress site. There are a lot of plugins available that can help you do virtually anything you want with your site. Please make sure before you install any WordPress plugin that you select the right plugin. Determine that the last updated date is current enough, the plugin supports your WordPress version, rating- and popularity of the plugin are high enough. This short “How-To” by BestCloudTools gives you quick instructions on how to install a new plugin to your WordPress environment.

  1. Click on the “Plugins” menu on the left and “Add New” (Plugins → Add New)

    Search the Plugins menu item on the left side of the WordPress administration interface. Hover over Plugins with your mouse and click on the Add New on sub-menu. WordPress Plugins Menu

  2. Search particular WordPress plugin and install it

    After clicking on Add New you’ll see the Search Results view where you can search WordPress plugins by keywords. Fill the search box on the right with the plugin name and click Enter. When all the matching plugins are listed in the result, choose the right plugin for you, and click on Install Now.WordPress Search Plugin

  3. Activate WordPress plugin

    When the installation of the extension has been successful, you need to activate it. Click on the Activate button and WordPress turns the plugin on in the system for you. WordPress Activate Plugin

  4. Proceed with further steps after installing WordPress plugin

    As a result, you will see a plugins view where you can search your plugin on the list. Most of the plugins should have a Settings menu item for further configuration. Congratulations you have installed a new WordPress plugin, please proceed with the configuration steps according to your needs. WordPress Plugins List

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