How to Duplicate WordPress Page

Duration for duplicating WordPress page: 10 minutes.

Creating a duplicate post or page allows you to work on the content without affecting the existing version. You may sometimes need to quickly copy a post or page to use it as a template when creating similar content. By default, you could manually copy and paste the contents of the post or page to a new draft. However, the manual method does not copy your featured image, existing settings, and other metadata. This short “How-To” by BestCloudTools gives you quick instructions on how to duplicate the WordPress page when inserting new content to your website.

  1. Install a dedicated plugin to add duplication of pages feature into WordPress

    You have to install a separate plugin called Duplicate Post to add a new feature into your WordPress instance to clone posts or pages. Proceed to another How-to of How to Install a WordPress Plugin and come back here when you have finished installing a new plugin. Duplicate Post Plugin Installed

  2. Configure what would you like to copy when cloning (Settings Duplicate Post What to copy)

    The Duplicate Post plugin works out of the box. However, you can choose what to copy when creating a duplicate. Head over to What to copy section to configure all the fields to be copied. The default options should work for most websites. However, you can check things you want to copy and uncheck items that you don’t want to be copied. In addition, you can customize the suffix/prefix for cloned post and page titles. The latter helps you quickly distinguish posts and pages by the label. When you make any changes please click on Save Changes.WordPress Duplicate Post What to Copy

  3. Configure permissions who can use cloning feature (Settings Duplicate Post Permissions)

    By default, the plugin allows Administrator and Editor user roles to create duplicate posts. In this section, you can thick other user roles who you allow to use cloning features. In addition, you can choose post types that can be cloned. Usually, you don’t have to change anything here but I suggesting to review the settings to make sure that additional roles or types are also enabled whenever necessary. When you make any changes please click on Save Changes.WordPress Duplicate Post Permissions

  4. Configure what you would like to copy when duplicating WordPress page (Settings Duplicate Post Display)

    You can even configure where to display clone post links. Click on the Display tab to choose where you want to display the cloning links. Usually you don’t have to change anything here, but you can review existing settings to make sure everything works fine for you. When you make any changes please click on Save Changes. WordPress Duplicate Post Display

  5. Try this plugin out and clone an existing WordPress page (Pages All Pages Clone)

    Navigate to the Pages view and click on the Clone menu item of a particular page. Now you should see a new page in the Pages list set to Draft status. The page title for the new page should be prefixed with the value set in the What to copy section. In this example, the prefix is a Duplicate. WordPress Duplicate Post Clone Page

Still something unclear? Don't hesitate to contact me or please let me know if you find any misleading instructions!