How To Assign a User to a Database in cPanel

Last updated on April 27, 2020 by Janz Nordman

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Duration to assign a user to database in cPanel is 10 minutes.

Sometimes you need to create a new user for your database e.g. developer needs access to the staging database. This short “How-To” by BestCloudTools gives you a quick overview of how to add a new user to your database.

  1. Navigate to “MySQL® Databases” view to assign a user to a database in cPanel

    On the dashboard click on “MySQL® Databases” what you should find in the Databases section. Please note that this step of assigning users to a database in cPanel works for any other database also e.g. for PostgreSQL.
    cPanel Databases Section

  2. Click on “Add User” to assign a user to a database in cPanel and populate necessary fields

    Create a new user by filling in the username, password, password, and password once again. What? Why? If you feel there are too many passwords for one day, you could use a generator. The system evaluates the password that you enter on a scale of 100 points. Zero indicates a weak password, while 100 indicates a very secure password. Some web hosts require a minimum password strength. A green strength meter indicates that the password is equal to or greater than the required password strength. Finally, click on “Create User“.cPanel Add New Database User

  3. Assign user to a database

    You can assign the user to your database by selecting the user first and then corresponding database. Click “Add” and then you can notify Steve that his user has been assigned with staging database. When you still have any questions then you can take a look at the cPanel docs on how to assign a user to MySQL database in cPanel. cPanel Add User to Database

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