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Last updated on September 17, 2020 by Janz Nordman

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Creating either your next or your very first website with Wix’s free website builder takes just 5 easy steps:

Step 1 of Wix Setup – Sign up

Signing up during Wix setup is a straightforward and fast procedure that consists of filling some form fields, by adding your e-mail and password. Though a mandatory step, it is as smooth as signing up for pretty much every other online website or service except banks.

Of course, if you are in a hurry or simply feel like it, you can also skip the sign up step and sign in by using your existing Facebook or Google account. Just bear in mind that Wix would use your other account’s preexisting data.

Step 2 of Wix Setup – Create Your Website with Wix ADI or Fine Designer-Made Template

When you have logged in then there are two ways to take to proceed with Wix setup. First you need to decide whether to leave everything to Wix ADI which is so called Artificial Design  Intelligence or you would like start by choosing a designer-made template you like.

Press “Skip” if you prefer to choose designer-made template or perhaps “Just Do It”, as my friend Nike used to say. I think Wix slogan for this step is slightly better, so proceed with “Let’s Do It”.

Now Wix will basically ask you simple questions like “What kind of website you want to start?” , “How many pages would it have?” or “What happens if Pinocchio says: My nose grows now”. Okay, maybe not the last one, but that’s a good question. For the ones Wix ADI will ask, try to select your answers carefully because accurate answers will get you closer to the Wix setup you’ve been looking for.

For example, some of the selections during Wix setup are most useful for online stores or restaurant websites, so those answers would depend on the type of business you operate. If you are not a businessman or businesswoman, then you can just build an easier, perhaps friendlier, and more intimate design and choose for example a blog-type website.

Remember, though, that the type of site you select will impact later stages of website setup, as options and template selection may differ.

If you leave everything for Wix ADI, you will be asked additional questions like what features you may need and ADI will create a new website for you based on the selected input.

Wix will know if you’re another “cleaning” service provider (but please don’t be!).

Wix ADI is the curious priest that would like to know every small detail about your sins. Do you ever drink and drive? Okay, maybe not this type of question. Either way, Wix won’t judge you. It will only help even if you don’t trust it because it stands for Artificial Design Intelligence and you’re afraid it could take over and become the dominant form of intelligence on Earth…or you simply like to get your hands dirty, you can choose your template manually. You can choose either by category, popularity or why not give it a try to the fresh new additions.

Wix also provides the possibility to select a blank template and build up your website from scratch. Choosing so enables you with more freedom to create and design your website, perhaps even with more items at your disposal to use…and that takes a lot of time though. Trust me. A lot.

And if you are unsure, just pick an ADI. It will be fine, I promise.

Here are a couple of hints for selecting the right template during Wix setup process:

Do you have a vision for your brand? (if not, go and get an eye exam)What style do you desire?Can you think of a competitor you want to copy?
Choose a template that complements your company and fit its identity, as you want your customers to be impressed what they can see.Think of your site as if it was going out on a blind date: the first impression is crucial, so no huge fedoras. You need to think about what message you want to convey. Designer-made templates save time, but you may have to put more effort when you need to customize it.Well, perhaps not “copy”, just “inspired by”.You can peek competitors sites, copy the good stuff, get rid of the bad and build an even more outstanding website.

Step 3 of Wix Setup – Customize Your Site

To get a better idea of how the Wix setup process works, I strongly recommend you try out multiple templates and check out each page individually to fully understand how everything works and looks (the inside is not everything) once it’s all set up. You should even check the mobile preview, or as my grandma calls it: “What’s that little thing that you’re looking at all day?”.

Wix does provide some editor tutorials that might be helpful if when you find yourself struggling. Also, make sure you are not using any blocking mechanisms like AdBlock, as Wix website builder may get angry and refuse to work.

After you select the template you like, an editor view will open and there you can adjust the design by clicking, dragging, and dropping the different elements on the page. Change any tagline or text element with just a click on the text and a button bar will appear. Click “Edit” and you’ll see a popup window where you can change any property of the element.

The same thing goes with the existing photos on the template: click on them and some buttons like “Manage Media”, “Change Background” or “Don’t send these drunk photos to my mom” should appear. Don’t forget that images are very important to express yours and your brand’s ideas, so choose carefully. Though you can easily upload, add, and delete images, Wix also provides an extensive collection that you can use any time you want.

Wix setup module has several popup windows that contain useful information to help you almost every step you go through when editing your site. Pay attention, sometimes this information helps quite a lot. I suggest you explore every button and popup window to get a better idea about the endless possibilities (or not, but it will take a hell of a time to try them all) Wix website editor gives you.

There are a bunch of elements and widgets to choose from that will make your site look complete and awesome. Add anything: text boxes, images, slideshows, buttons, menus, shapes, strips, memes of Nicolas Cage, or even a background video of Chuck Norris looking at you with great intensity. Okay, maybe not everything.

After you add a particular element to the canvas, you can simply drag, move, and resize it with your mouse. While dragging, purple lines may appear at some point. Don’t worry, it’s not Thanos. Those lines help you align different elements on the canvas either horizontally or vertically. Visually, it looks much more professional and slick when elements are aligned.

By now, you probably noticed the “Play” button in the lower right corner. Oh, don’t be afraid, don’t be petrified, click on it and you will survive. This small pop-up modal page will be your best friend in this long journey to (website building) success. Use it and it will give you answers to your deepest questions like:  “Where can I share my website?”, “How many times may I change the design?” and “What if Earth were actually a cube?”

So you’ve finished your Wix setup and have your homepage ready. Now you can do the same for every other sub-page on your site. By the way, all the pages menu is on the top of the editor view. Once again, I recommend you to explore all the menus up there.

If a sub-page isn’t ready yet and you would like to publish your site regardless of it, there’s a possibility that Wix turns into a Russian mobster and makes that particular page disappear, no questions asked. Just click on one of your page menu items and then “menu” and “Edit Pages”, where you can add, modify, and delete all of them.

Step 4 of Wix Setup – Publish Your Website to the World

Wix setup is ready, your whole site is finished and it’s time to share it to the world. Don’t be afraid, I’m sure it’s awesome.

Going live is very easy as you only need to click “Publish” on the right-top corner.

A popup will appear where you can choose whether to connect to your domain or stick to the default URL of your website. Be aware that connecting to your own branded domain requires upgrading to Premium Plan, which of course costs extra. If you don’t have any domain then you probably should buy one as most SEO friendly domain names are registered and available for selling, unless you are the luckiest guy or girl in the world and you find a fresh, unregistered name that fits perfectly…but you’d still have to pay a small amount for the domain registration fee. Therefore, I recommend to read my guide “How To Choose a Domain Name”.

In the end, you will view your site as your “child”. Feed it well, treat it with love and respect and it’ll grow to make you proud, and you’ll show it to everyone on social media. Always remember that your child needs promotion.

Step 5 – Add More As Your Child Grows

The previous steps cover the basics to create a free site using the Wix website builder. Wix provides many more options you could eventually include. Diversify your website with many fancy and cool applications like live-chat, site search, and way more, all available through the Wix App Market.

There are 15 app categories to check out and perhaps use some to enhance your site and make it more attractive to visitors. In order to use all this, you need to upgrade, read the plans carefully to know what you’re getting into.

What tends to happen is that as your business grows into adolescence or adulthood (I know, still with the child’s metaphor), so do its needs, and then it would be better to upgrade to the Premium plan. If you’re choosing your own domain, you’ll need to do it anyway.

On the other hand, consider carefully which apps give real value to your website, as every app that comes with the Premium package costs more money.

I sincerely hope this Wix setup guide helps and that your child grows up to be very successful. You both deserve it.

Thanks for Reading and Good Luck on Your Journey! Need Some Help or Would Like to Ask Something about Current Content? Please Add a Comment 🙂

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