If you want to write a guest post for BestCloudTools please kindly follow our guidelines as below:

  • Content should be a minimum of 700 words and keyword-oriented
  • Content must be detailed, 100% unique and well-readable, any copied content will not be accepted
  • Content must include links to legitimate resources, non-affiliated websites
  • Content paragraph length should be below 150 words
  • Content sentences should be preferably shorter than 20 words
  • Content must include transition words distributed evenly in the body of the post
  • Include all required headings (H1 – only in title, H2 – subheading, H3 – for lists (1 to 10), H4 – H3’s subheading)
  • Include 1-3 relevant image(s), infographic(s), data graph(s), etc (Highest quality possible, minimum 700x250px, preferably 4:3 or 16:9)
  • Include an author bio max 2 sentences (Optional)
  • A blog post has to relate to BestCloudTools website niche, be useful for the readers and not overly promotional
  • BestCloudTools accepts 1 backlink to the relevant website in the body of the post
  • BestCloudTools has the right to review, edit and reject the drafts during 7 days after submission
  • BestCloudTools has the right to include relevant internal links
  • BestCloudTools has the right to remove any backlink without prior notice when the relevant website has a bad reputation

Your goal is to write for the visitor and not for search engines. Below you can find a few examples for the topics you can choose ideas of. Though there are some preferred topics, I encourage you to propose any other content that is related to the niche of BestCloudTools.

  1. Helpful and highly valued WordPress plugins
  2. Website builder reviews or setup guides
  3. CDN service provider reviews and setup guides
  4. Website security-related tools and services
  5. Webhosting provider reviews and setup guides
  6. Google Tools related content (Tag Manager, Analytics, AdWords, Optimize, …)

If you have any feedback or questions about our editorial and style guidelines, please contact me – [email protected]