Hello there! My name is Janz Nordman. I’m a 36 years old web developer & designer with a university degree and over a decade of professional experience collaborating with different IT international corporations. I recently decided to move over to the freelance world in order to have a more rational distribution of my work and private life. I’m also a normal guy, passionate about traveling, and deeply addicted to windsurfing.

In the old days, I experienced thousands of situations where people barely familiar with the IT world managed to overcome basic and not-so-basic IT-related challenges. As a freelancer, I’ll dedicate my time and use my best knowledge to help people make the choices that will ultimately mean the best solutions.

Working along with me, I enjoy the help of 4Minds team to keep this site up to date and running.

Please, don’t doubt contacting me if you have questions or comments or concerns. Any feedback on how to improve this website and make it more useful for people is more than welcome.

You can use the contact form below or send me an e-mail: [email protected]

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