Free WordPress Popup Plugins in 2020

Using the best WordPress popup plugin for your website is one of the first steps you ought to take when it comes to growing your email list. So, if you’re looking for a free WordPress popup plugin, this is definitely the read! We’ve come up with some of the best WordPress popup plugins you should consider using this 2020. But before that, let’s get through a few important basics.

Benefits of Using a WordPress Popup Plugin

If you think, growing your email list is the only benefit you’re about to get when you use a WordPress email popup plugin, then you’ve got it all wrong! Using a WordPress popup plugin for your website can bring you benefits in ways you couldn’t have imagined. And a few of them are being mentioned below,

  • Grow your email list by giving free valuable resources like cheat sheets, eBooks and more.
  • Collect feedback and conduct surveys to take better decisions for your business growth.
  • You can simply promote your sales deals using popups and increase your customer’s cart value.
  • Reducing abandoned carts on your eCommerce store is another benefit you get when you use a WordPress popup plugin.
  • Build credibility amidst visitors by displaying social proofs as examples with popups.

And there’s more I could be adding to this list but, let’s just keep it to minimum and move on to the next part of the read!

Best WordPress Popup Plugins to Use

We’ll be going through a couple of free WordPress popup plugins below. Also, we’ll have a discussion at the end about which WordPress email popup plugin you should consider using!

So, to the first one in this read!

1. Optinly – Best WordPress Plugin for Popup

There’s a reason behind the tagline! Optinly is a Responsive Popup WordPress Plugin that’s definitely one of its kind. It’s because the plugin comes with pre-existing marketing goals which makes the job quite easy for marketers and store owners. You can simply choose a goal, an appropriate popup template, and set your campaign live in minutes.

Also, the plugin has advanced popup triggering options like timed-delay triggers, exit-intent triggers, and page-based triggers. You can also target your customers based on their devices (mobiles, tablets, desktops) and previous interactions with your website. An inbuilt WYSIWYG editor allows you to edit the popup templates – no development or coding skills needed.

There’s more – free gamification popups (spin to win templates) and 5 other types of popups, 30+ highly responsive popup templates, seamless integration with 10+ email marketing platforms like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, etc. All these together make Optinly one of the best WordPress popup plugins.

As for the pricing, Optinly has two plans. You can either use the forever free version (comes with premium popup templates, exit triggers, and gamification popups) or opt for the Growth Plan that costs $25/mo.

2. Icegram – Free WordPress Plugin for Popup

Icegram is the next best WordPress popup plugin on our list. And the reason behind is its huge number of ready to use campaigns. This free email popup plugin has inbuilt templates that are highly responsive and you need not worry about how it’s going to displayed to your visitors irrespective of the device they use.

You can make use of the multiple popup form types like full screen overlays, toast notifications, stickies, ribbons and badges. This can help you grow your email list, show sales offers, drive traffic to landing pages and do a couple of other actions that would profiteer for your business.

Though there’s a common word that Icegram lets users down when it comes to the user-friendly factor, it should be no big deal when you get used to it! Icegram comes with three plans – the free versions, the Pro version ($97 per year), and the Max version that costs $147 per year.

3. Poptin – WordPress Newsletter Signup Plugin

Poptin is another WordPress popup plugin that helps you get more email subscribers by increasing the visitor engagement factor. Poptin boasts that users can create beautiful opt-in forms and smart popups with ease.

The plugin comes inbuilt with powerful features like drag and drop builder, A/B testing, exit triggers and options to display popups based on visitors’ location, traffic source and previous interactions.

And there’s this feature that makes Poptin a strong contender in this read – the option to send welcome/thank you emails to new subscribers in autopilot mode. There’s a free version and the pricing plan starts from $19/mo and goes up to $99/mo!

4. Popup Maker – Responsive WordPress Plugin

Popup Maker has been in existence for quite some time now and is one of the most popular WordPress popup plugins. It has over 500,000 active installations and thousands of loyal subscribers, thanks to its advanced features that come along.

With popup maker, you can create email opt-in popups, content upgrade and contact form popups. There’s a visual theme builder that lets you edit pre-existing popups to suit your website’s theme. The fact that all existing popups are mobile responsive saves you from the trouble of finding solutions.

Other features include multiple popup triggering options, precision user targeting, email marketing platforms integration, and popup positioning options. Also, Popup Maker is open source – you can tweak it further if there’s a need to! There’s a free version that can be downloaded from the WordPress repository and the paid versions start from $87.

5. Hello Bar – WordPress Notification Popup Plugin

Hello Bar is a free WordPress notification popup plugin that lets you notify your customers about important announcements. A prominent feature of Hello Bars is that it’s more of a notification bar plugin rather than a notification popup plugin. You can seamlessly create floating bars and announce your sales/discount deals in minutes!

As for the targeting options and other advanced features, you can target visitors based on their devices, A/B test forms to identify the best performing one and integrate with some of the best email marketing platforms. The free version has basic features (mentioned above) and the paid plans start from $29/mo and can go up to $99/mo.

6. Yeloni Exit Popup Plugin

Yeloni is a dedicated exit-intent WordPress popup plugin that allows your users to prevent visitors from leaving your websites. With Yeloni, you easily display popups to visitors when a page loads or when they scroll the page.

Also, you can trigger exit popups based on the below mentioned factors,

  • Triggering popups based on the user’s mouse movement.
  • When a user clicks the back button in the browser.
  • When the user clicks an internal/external link.

All created/existing widgets are mobile-responsive and you can easily integrate Yeloni with Mailchimp, Aweber, Active Campaign, and a few other email marketing platforms. Yeloni is a free WordPress popup plugin and the paid plans start from as little as $4.99/mo!

7. Elementor – WordPress Popup Builder

A new addition but definitely promising – Elementor has come up with a popup builder of its own, allowing users to create amazing WordPress popups (that’s what Elementor says).

You can choose from Elementor’s huge pre-existing popup template gallery (the free version only gives you access to some). So, just like Optinly, you should find no issues in creating popups for email subscriptions or sales deals.

Elementor comes with an inbuilt builder and triggering options like scroll, clicks, page load, and after inactivity. And the targeting options include showing popups on specific posts, categories, or on the entire website. There’s a free version that gives limited features while the top-end version costs $199.

So, we’ve finally come across some of the best WordPress popup plugins that you can use for free!

Before you get to choose a popup plugin, ask yourself as to why you need a popup plugin. Is it because you want to Grow Your Email List or reduce cart abandonment. And then think about the time you’d have to spend to create a popup and which popup plugin makes this process easy – more like a streamlined create-on-the-go process.

And finally, if you are planning to upgrade, the cost factor is something you should consider. Make sure that the popup plugin you choose doesn’t cost you much and also gives you value to what you pay – should be getting an idea now!

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