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If you have a look at more than ten years in the past, building a website was not that simple, and SEO was not important at all. Individuals needed to have a programming background to create features.  However, these days, we have several website building applications that do not have such mandatory requirements. They have drag and drop features, and business owners can create their websites without hiring a web development professional.  

The selection of a website builder does depend on its SEO features as well. Search engine optimization is essential to get a website noticed. High ranked ones are viewed more than links present on the following pages. In a nutshell, when you are making a selection, be sure that the SEO aspects of the tool are strong and up to the mark. Therefore, BestCloudTools gives an overview of the best website builders for SEO purposes.

The On-Page SEO Tactics You Need to Use 

Search engine optimization is not something you can do in a day or without the perfect set of applications. A lot of SEO professionals fail to implement the wrong strategy as they are unaware of the tools that would be used. 

A Dependable Platform to Use the Tools

Every website that offers tools for on-page SEO may not be sincere with you. In other words, the applications may be of low quality. On the internet, there are various options that meet the legitimacy standards.  Although there are numerous links but options like Prepostseo, Cognitive SEO, and Mangools stand out. The best thing about these links is the standard that they deliver. Most options are online and equipped with 100% free usage. Hence, the monetary condition of the user does not make any difference. More than anything, these are reputed options, so no unpleasant shocks would come your way. 

Which Tools Matter Most?

It is a fact that several tools play their respective roles to get ideal SEO results. However, you need to be well aware of the most important ones. One of them is a plagiarism checker.  It comes into play and checks the content health. While preparing content, you need to be sure about originality, which can be a significant concern. Hence, before submission, once you are done with content compilation, use this tool, and get an assurance that there is no plagiarism. 

Therefore, to prevent plagiarism, your rewriting should be up to the mark, and this is another area where writers struggle. They can compile content, but when it comes to rephrasing, things are not done carefully. You can eliminate your workload by using a paraphrasing tool – an online rephrasing application that rewords the compiled information. It does not leave any part unchecked. Secondly, if you look at the time span needed, it is a lot less than manual rewriting. 

Best Website Builder for SEO Results? 

Let us have a quick look at the best website builders with quality SEO features. Selecting these tools helps in getting high ranks without a lot of hard work. 


Apart from having a straightforward website creation process, there are SEO related perks that Wix puts on the table. 

  • It allows you to add page titles and meta descriptions for all the pages. Both these components are quite important in SEO terms. Websites with meta descriptions offer more knowledge to readers. In addition to that, according to Google standards, such links make it to higher positions. 
  • The content display is critical in SEO terms, and adding headings to differentiate sections is strongly recommended. With Wix, you can add headings of different sizes and give a professional appearance to the written content. 
  • URL’s with unique text descriptions have a higher probability of getting better SEO results.  For instance, if the website address has your name, it would be a lot easier to go to the first page. In SEO terms, this is a good aspect. With this tool, you can customize the URL address in any way you want. 


WordPress will be listed among the top options if you talk about one of the most influential and straightforward website design platforms that exist now.   

  • Text Enriched Snippets 

It is essential to know about the SEO factors which require attention. With WordPress, you can easily add snippets to your website by using the admin panel. As a result, the reader would get a brief insight and would not have to open the link. Snippets are quite helpful for improving SEO rank. 

  • Easy conversion to Accelerated Mobile Pages 

Mobile responsive websites are always ranked higher than the ones which have viewing problems. However, at times, if the page takes too long to load, the rank automatically goes down. Word Press offers an HTML to AMP conversion framework.  Through this option, the conversion is done in such a way that the pages become lighter. As a result, their loading time decreases, and website performance improves.  

  • Optimize images without any hassle 

Apart from the text content, images on your website should also be optimized as people do search for pictures directly. With the WordPress builder, you can easily accomplish this task. The image titles can be constructed according to the searching preferences of people. 


Weebly is another website building mechanism you can consider for creating the best pages for SEO purposes. Apart from good designing options, it puts attractive SEO options on the table as well.  Here are some of them. 

  • Customized URL addresses can do wonders for you, and there are no two ways about it. With Weebly, you can create a unique web URL according to the niche you are operating in.  From the SEO perspective, this acts as a reliable way to improve ranks. Therefore, if you are designing your website using this convenient tool, this is one perk you can get your hands on. 
  • There are various features through which you can track the performance of your website. No need to downloading any additional analytics soft wares as it can be done through the built-in interface. 


Squarespace puts various SEO options on the table. Let us have a look at them. 

  • Image optimization is a crucial parameter considering that people have different searching practices. If someone wants to locate images, he will not search through text. Hence, if a website has optimization restricted to text-based content only, its rank would surely go down.  With Squarespace, you can easily optimize images as well as edit the alt titles. Many website builders do not offer this feature, so when it comes to dealing with images, website managers face a tough task. 
  • There are no restrictions on the number of page titles you can add. Hence, in SEO terms, this is a good aspect as you can modify titles according to your needs. Similarly, meta tags can also be added to improve SEO results. The overall process for these tasks is quite simple, as there are internally built-in options for everything. 
  • Users can exercise redirecting options if any of their pages are being replaced or going under primary updating cycles. If your viewers go through error messages, the rank would immediately go down. However, through redirecting features, this problem can be combated. 

Summing It up – How to Choose the Best Website Builder for SEO

Creating a good website is high importance factor by any means, but it is not the only factor you need to pay attention to.  For attaining business results, the SEO factor is essential. People would click your link mostly if it is ranked on the first results page.  It is a hassle when you have to hire a development company and spend tons of money on developing an excellent website. Secondly, more money is spent on search engine optimization tasks. You can now opt for a much more comfortable alternative. 

Several website builders can be selected to design a website without any coding, so the actual need to spend money on web development companies can be eliminated. Along with that, some of them cater to SEO needs as well. As a result, using one of these applications allows you to design a high standard website and produce impeccable SEO results. 

You can find multiple tools falling in this category, so the comparison is the key. However, it is not possible to look at all available alternatives. Therefore, rational thinking is considering one of them, and choose the best website builder for SEO according to your needs.

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