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Does your business sell a service rather than a physical product? If your answer is yes, you must be well aware of the challenges of getting clients who are actually interested in your service. This is mostly because you cannot easily explain the features and benefits of something that your customers can’t see.

Selling a service can be tough mainly because you do not have an actual product that the customer can see. Moreover, you cannot really show them how it works until you have performed the whole service. Therefore, if you want to promote your services to interested prospects, having a website to sell services is an essential step. After all, the web has nowadays become a research hub for people to search for what they need before actually buying it.

A professional looking website acts as a cornerstone of any business that wants to build an online presence. A famous platform such as WordPress allows you to create such fantastic and professional looking websites even if you are new to online development. Moreover, WordPress makes it super simple to sell services online, thanks to plugins like WooCommerce and Woo Sell Services.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about selling services online and how you can create a multi-vendor service selling website with WordPress.

Using WordPress to Sell Your Services Online

WordPress is the most popular and flexible platform that not only helps you to set up a website and add a variety of helpful features to it. For example, it can help you set up stores that sell services and digital products.

Moreover, WordPress is almost endlessly customizable because of thousands of plugins and themes that you can use to extend the functionality of your website. WordPress also works with multiple payment gateways and is very much affordable.

How Sell Services with WordPress?

One way to sell services via WordPress is by using the WooCommerce plugin. This plugin is the topmost popular eCommerce plugin that allows you to sell any type of product from your website. In this method, you can list your services on your website and allow your customers to contact you via a contact form. This way of selling services through easy is not very much favorable as it offers various disadvantages such as ineffective display of services, improper order management, inability to post-service requirements, no real-time review or project revision feature, improper conversation feature and more.

Another efficient and simple option to sell services online is using a dedicated service selling addon. By default, WooCommerce does not offer many features when it comes to selling services online. To overcome this, you can install a dedicated WooCommerce add-on that will extend its functionality to selling services with many other useful features. Woo Sell Services add-on is a WooCommerce dedicated add-on that lets you sell services via your WordPress website. In addition to that, this plugin comes with many helpful features to set up a fully functional service selling website. These features include:

  1. Creating a service just like a product
  2. Adding multiple requirement questions
  3. Real-Time Dedication Conversation Channel
  4. Easy order management
  5. Adding Reviews and Ratings
  6. Email And Notification Triggers For Orders
  7. Dedicated Service Status Widget

Creating a Multivendor Services Selling Website Using WordPress

If you are into a service selling business and want to make money by selling services online, the best option to do so is to create a service selling online multivendor marketplace using WordPress and WooCommerce. A service selling marketplace website allows a vendor to sell services by setting up their own mini-store within your eCommerce platform.

With a multivendor marketplace website, you can make money by sharing your online marketplace platform with vendors. This will not only reduce your overhead costs but is also a popular business idea to earn money online. Let us now tell you how you can easily create an online marketplace to sell your services using WordPress.

What Will You Need to Start a Multivendor Services Selling Website

To create a multi-vendor website, you need the following items:

  • A Domain Name And A Web Hosting Account
  • Install WordPress
  • Add WooCommerce
  • Install Required Marketplace Addon
  • Install Required Service Selling Addon
  • A Dedicated WordPress Theme

Let us now walk you through every step one by one.

Step 1: Setting up Your e-Commerce Platform

The first step in this setup is to buy a domain name and web hosting account. You will need a web hosting that will specialize in WooCommerce hosting as WooCommerce will be the base plugin that will be used as our eCommerce platform.

Building a Website to Sell Services with WooCommerce

Once you have purchased a domain name and hosting, then you will be required to install WordPress as your desired platform. Fortunately, your hosting service provider will set up a basic WordPress website for you.

Step 2: Turn Your WordPress Site into an e-Commerce Store

First, you need to install and activate the WooCommerce plugin to give your site an eCommerce functionality. WooCommerce currently powers 28% of all online stores. It is a free plugin for creating an online store with WordPress. It offers numerous features such as adding unlimited products, built-in payment processing, order management, customer management, shipping options, coupons, discount codes and much more.

You will not have a WordPress website with WooCommerce installed on it. But, by default WooCommerce is meant for a single vendor website which means it is not possible for more than one vendor to add their services to your website.

Let’s add this functionality.

Step 3: Turning Your WooCommerce Site into a Multivendor Marketplace

For a multivendor marketplace functionality, you need to install and activate the Dokan multivendor plugin.

This plugin offers you features to convert your online store to a multivendor marketplace website. Dokan allows each vendor to sell their products while you as a marketplace owner keep full control of your store.

This plugin provides various features such as product management, order management, independent store for each vendor, earnings in commission, Compatibility with WooCommerce, Report Management, Store SEO and a lot more to add to the list.

Once installed, this plugin will let the vendor register to a store, upload products to the store, sell products and earn commissions.

You can also use the WC Vendors plugin to add multivendor functionality to your WooCommerce store.

Adding Service Selling Aspect to Your Multivendor Store

Once your multivendor site is ready, you will be required to add the service selling aspect to it. As mentioned above, WooCommerce does not offer many features when it comes to selling services via your WordPress website.

By using a dedicated addon for WooCommerce, which is Woo Sell Services you can easily include the service selling feature in your multivendor store.

This addon offers compatibility with Dokan multivendor and WC vendor plugin. It will let you sell services just like a product is sold from your online marketplace.

Step 4: Installing a Dedicated Multivendor WordPress Theme

Next up, you will be required to install a dedicated eCommerce WordPress theme that will offer a user-friendly interface to your customers. Moreover, a theme that allows you to showcase your services in a captivating design is the ideal theme for your store.

Here we would suggest you go with a powerful multi-vendor marketplace theme, Reign Storemate Dokan which offers ultimate features to showcase your service selling marketplace in an engaging manner.

Few notable features of this theme include:

  • Grid and List Store Layouts
  • Dedicated Dokan And WooCommerce Page Designs
  • Elementor Page Builder Support
  • Unique Single Product Page Customization
  • Supports bbPress, BuddyPress, Gutenberg, Woo Sell Services and other popular plugins.

Your Service Selling Multivendor Website is Ready

Your multivendor marketplace service website is ready to be launched. With WordPress, WooCommerce and its dedicated plugins like Dokan and Woo Sell Services, creating a multivendor service selling website like Fiverr is an easy task.

Moreover, you will not need to hire expensive developers for this as WordPress offers huge scalability and feature-rich themes and plugins to do things without using a single line of code.We hope you found this article informative. If you have any suggestions for us, let us know in the comments below.

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