6 Aspects When You Choose an e-Commerce Website Builder

An e-commerce store is a unique type of website designed especially for online business, whether you are selling phone accessories, flame lamps or movie posters.

All website builders save time, money and energy. They simplify the creation process and make site management more effortless. The same also applies to all well-known e-commerce builders as they let you build, customize and run your online business. It’s almost impossible to use a standard website building platform to set up your online store.

Modern e-Commerce Builder Creates the Online Store of Your Dreams

There are quite many e-commerce builders on the market – WixStores, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Volusion, WooCommerce, SiteBuilder, Squarespace – to mention a couple of the biggest and more popular platforms.

Nowadays most of the e-commerce platforms are user-friendly environments meant for a broad segment of users with different expectations and are highly tested in terms of usability, security, and all kind of technical parameters such as uptime and speed. The most common keywords to be taken into account while choosing the suitable platform are design, pricing, hosting, payment and shipping options, marketing possibilities, support, and security level for processing sensitive data. For sure, not all e-commerce platforms offer similar opportunities and pricing may vary a lot.

The best e-commerce platform for you is the one that works as the very best solution to set up your dream site. Even if you are the Jon Snow of technology and know nothing about setting up a website; for instance, Shopify is the perfect e-commerce tool for you since it’s meant to work for literally everyone. Even granddads. You’ll be able to start your online store from scratch faster than a kid running for an ice cream truck.

Within the online store, you can sell almost everything, whether you sell homemade coffee, an e-book or a cow. Ok, maybe not a cow because it would be weird. However, seriously, almost everything: physical products, services and e-services, downloads, and so on. Quantity is no issue either since you can sell one copy of your product or thousands. A proper online store helps you handle matters like inventory, taxes, shipping settings including drop-shipping, and several payment methods.

Most Important Features to Consider

All most prominent builders are excellent tools for building an e-commerce website, the features and build-up of the platforms are more or less similar.

Some overall recommendations from my experience are the following:

  1. With every builder look for an existing great variety of beautiful and professional themes that work perfectly for all possible devices. The theme store designed by qualified should include free and paid themes to match different industries such as jewelry, fashion, art, furniture, beauty, sport, movies, and many more. For instance, every theme in Shopify works for desktop, mobile, tablets or any other Silicon Valley technology.
  2. The transparent fee structure is crucial as there should be no hidden fees, a recurrent headache with some e-commerce platform providers. Choose the entry-level plan, and if you ever need more functionality, you can upgrade your plan.
  3. Most of the e-commerce builders offer a free trial period with all plans to test your store, and this trial can be canceled for free at any time. So choose the trial and test your needs thoroughly.
  4. Real customer support via different channels such as e-mail, phone, live chat, user forums is vital since it may be beneficial when you are in trouble.
  5. Never underestimate how your sensitive data is kept safe and sound.
  6. The last but not least issue with e-commerce builders is the easiness of the installation and overall usage. Based on my personal experience Shopify is all you need to build an efficient and smooth-looking online shop from scratch. You may find useful My Quick Guide to Install Shopify which I wrote primarily to help you walk through the main steps on the installation process.

Wrapping It Up

Remember that choosing the right e-commerce platform is not an easy task. This decision has a significant impact on your overall business for years. Therefore you should know beforehand as well as possible what are your needs and requirements. Hopefully, this article gives a little help in finding the right one. You are welcome to browse my Top 5 e-Commerce Builders.

I wish you the best of luck and happy Game of Thrones!

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