I Decided to Use Cloudflare, Do It Too

There’s no better way to explain how I feel about Cloudflare than with a bit of pop culture guidance. Game of Thrones is back, Avengers is right in the corner and those two for sure have great villains. I’m so happy. We love them, we hate them and we like to hate them. We especially hate Joffrey. Almost every scene with him was so infuriating. Your body warmed and heart pumped harder and harder. Sometimes, you wanted to cry and then one time you wanted to cry… a lot. RIP Ned Stark – not a spoiler since it happened in the first season.

That’s how I felt when my own website was hacked, except I never had the satisfaction I experienced when Joffrey died. Again not a spoiler since it happened 4 seasons ago. I assume the evil people that hacked me were more like Thanos, just not that cool or purple.

But don’t worry, I don’t want to bum you out. This is not a sad story, rather a story about how that event guides me to make a such a great call, one that I don’t think I’ll repeat – use Cloudflare.

I’m serious. I needed to upgrade my security game and I chose one of the best ones out there and so should you.

I got into Cloudflare because of security, but what I found there was so much more. It makes your site seem and feel more reliable, as it offers solutions not only for safety but also for speed.

Cloudflare is a content delivery network (CDN) and security solutions provider which helps millions of businesses of all sizes to boost and secure their online applications, speeding up your online presence while reinforcing the walls that protect you from the dangers threatening your assets, even if they are White Walkers. This way millions of website owners from Europe and America, to Westeros and the North, probably Norway, trust Cloudflare.

Could you ask for more? Cloudflare answers with exceptional content caching, advanced traffic routing to ensure the best possible paths, cutting-edge firewalls and the solutions to your Marvel fan theories.

You still want more? Hey, don’t get greedy! Yet, I’m standing here as Cloudflare’s proud witness. I’ll go through several more details about what makes it so great and why ask it to marry me. The system didn’t say yes because it’s technically illegal, but we are still together. If you want to read Cloudflare’s full review and setup guide, please here it is for you Cloudflare CDN Full Review.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

In case you didn’t know, a CDN is a group of serves distributed across that work together to provide fast Internet services and avoid latency. How is your attention span? Mine is awful. I mean, imagine just waiting 7 seconds for a page to load. Nah! I could get a lot done in that time.

… or not. But you get my point.

With more than 150 data centers placed all over the world in every continent. It uses supreme content caching to store data and load even faster once it’s requested. Cloudflare’s numbers are growing and it is definitely one of the biggest CDN providers on the market.

To reduce latency and help businesses secure their revenue, reputation and customer loyalty, Cloudflare implements Load Balancing and instantly sends visitors to the closest origin server. If you live in the middle of nowhere (sorry Siberia), chances are you are still going to have one server close by.

Website Optimization

The Internet loves to discuss website optimization. As users, we feel the need… the need for speed. Yes, I just quoted Tom Cruise in Top Gun. You are welcome.

Visitors need fast response times and they in lack in every single device they use. Lucky for all, Cloudflare listens and proceeds, offering a variety of options to solve the speed issue and boost websites performances to their edge.

Argo and Railgun

I told you Cloudflare enables outstanding traffic routing options. That’s when Argo Smart Routing comes in place, with a high-speed routing mechanism th at brings web traffic through the fastest and safety routes, avoiding congestions in order to enhance the user’s experience.

With such a fast car, you’ll need proper seatbelts to feel safe. That’s why Cloudflare acts as a Night’s Watch and guards all traffic with encryption. Bad guys have no chance.

Besides guaranteeing your safety, Argo saves you money too, since it minimizes content requests to the origin server, reducing load and bandwidth.

With Cloudflare networking mechanisms such as Anycast Network, I process traffic with high efficiency and suffer nothing from high volume, network congestion or DDoS attacks. Other tools like Spectrum protect TCP-based services and block dangerous IP addresses with top-notch IP Firewall.

In fact, Cloudflare’s enterprise-class web application firewall hits over 5 million requests per second, continually detecting and blocking potential threats. They shall not pass!

With such a level of security, there’s no need to worry about evil people trying to snoop your sensitive data. You won’t feel vulnerable and you’ll have more time to focus on your website’s content or business strategy or Friday-night after office. That’s always important.

Let’s Recap Why Cloudflare Is Going to Make Your Life Better

From strict firewall to superb content caching and traffic routing, Cloudflare has a very long list of amazing features to offer you, many of them for free and many paid but totally worth your investment. Yet even the free features will astonish you!

Your site will fly seamlessly with the fastest speed, and you’ll feel happy and safe, with a reliable security system that will have your back against any threat. I speak from personal experience, so you don’t have to suffer what I had. Not to sound dramatic, but Cloudflare restored my faith in humanity.

Ok, that’s dramatic.

Cloudflare was the right choice for me, and I guarantee it would be the right choice for you.

If you decide to follow through, you can check out A Quick Setup Guide I have composed to help you.

I wish you the best of luck and happy Game of Thrones!

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