Blog Post – How to Write a Perfect One

I just published a guide about how to write a most intriguing blog post. The blog is a cool way to update people with everything in your mind. Therefore, I built this guide to teach you how to overcome the starting difficulties and knock your audience with outstanding blog posts that will captivate readers.

In my blog, here is a short overview; for more extended reading please see my full guide How to Write a Damn Good Blog Post. By the way, there are few bonus tips also included, so please take a preferably long peek.

Know Your Reasons to Have a Blog

Why do you write? What makes your fingers type, and do you feel anything while you do it? These are the couple of questions you should ask yourself when starting a blog.

Just like me, a lot of people have the motivation to share their expertise, yet other reasons could boost your creative urge. Communicating your story could be one of them or searching for recognition as a personal brand or even an extension to your business.

Perhaps you are longing for a community to be connected with for teaching or learning opportunities. This is a way to meet people you would not have known otherwise.

What You Should Do Before Writing Your First Article

Find the topic. That is the key. Like my doctor told me in my last visit: “The possibilities are endless.”

Nothing kills a blog post faster than a lack of energy and emotion in a writer’s voice. A bored writer equals a jaded reader. Therefore, my most definite suggestion is to pick a topic that sparks a real interest in you, like:

  • Write about your hobbies and passions.
  • Share your life experiences.
  • Build up your personality as a brand, just be yourself – authentic and fresh.
  • Understand your audience to provide a relevant topic.
  • Keep in mind the longevity and relevance of the content.
  • Pick a subject you enjoy researching to provide fresh content.
  • I appreciate a bit of healthy debate and feedback.

Find the blog’s name. The proper blog name should be descriptive. That way, potential readers can tell upfront what it is all about. In case you are planning to publish a personal blog, then your name is the best possible title for the site. Therefore, from a technical point of view choosing the blog’s name is directly related to determining the domain’s name.

The Actual Writing Process

Writing a blog post is an art that requires practice and patience to truly master. Here are a few tips to make the writing process easier for you:

  • Plan your blog post with an outline and prior research.
  • Focus on structure.
  • Remember that research is the key for bloggers.
  • Come up with excellent and honest headlines.
  • Don’t take too long to write the post.
  • Break the text in shorter paragraphs.
  • Write in assertive prose and avoid using a passive language.
  • Try writing the same way you speak.
  • Incorporate your target keywords into your post.
  • Encourage comments as comments make users feel welcome to your blog’s community.
  • Add Images to make your articles funnier.
  • Remove repetition in your blog post before going public.

After you make the corrections, give your post a final proofread. All good? Great! Now you can publish and become famous!

I wish you the best of luck in your blogging!

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