Video Boost Sales

You are at the right place, if you’ve been wondering how e-Commerce videos boost the sales.

Today you can easily shoot quality photos and HD video clips using your smartphone or camera. Consumers use more video data than all other types of data traffic and they’re going to use even more video data over the next year. The  post is to encourage you to use  photo and video material as a resource that helps you to increase conversions and sales in your e-commerce business.

3 main reasons why people love to consume video

  •  it has slick visuals
  •  an emotional story or cute cats (or an emotional cat story with nice visuals)
  •  it builds trust

Although Google and consumers love videos, yet most e-commerce strategies don’t tend to include it. Most focus on product photography, which is very important, but if you want to take your online business to the next level, you should take into account the power of incorporating video into your game plan.

Videos have an outstanding ability to increase conversions as website visitors are 64-85% more likely to buy products online after watching one. Video provides your customers with more accessible information so they have a better understanding of your offer.

Yes, copywriting, images and user reviews are a huge boost but videos are the most effective way of demonstrating product sand their benefits.

4 important reasons why you should add video to your online store

Google is really hot for video (as long as you keep it clean)

Oh Google, our know-it-all friend! He showcases search results with documents, images, news, maps and, you guessed it, videos.This is why having product videos means you’ll have more chances to get ahead of competition. Ideally, host your videos with Youtube, a Google owned company and your favorite place to procrastinate.

People love to click on and share videos

Studies show that consumers enjoy more sharing videos than text. And do you know how I know about those studies? They made videos, ha!

Video charms

Each day Internet users spend more time watching videos. Some watch product reviews, some Ted Talks and others pimples for some weird reason. Video captivates audiences that could dismiss information most would communicate through text. Reading is just meh! for most users.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a video is worth… ?

No answer here, I’m bad with math.

Video spreads more information in less time and your customer learns a lot without noticing. This medium provides an opportunity to tell your customers how they should feel about your product, strike an emotional punch and make them cry. Or didn’t you tell that Marley&Me was just a big commercial to sell Labradors?

Most e-commerce owners don’t use video because they think putting it out there is too hard or that they should create a cinematic masterpiece by Christopher Nolan to go viral. Not really, you might need cute babies though. Carrying out an awesome video strategy for your e-commerce doesn’t have to be expensive to beat your competition.

“I’m convinced, you’re a genius. But how do I implement video for my e-commerce? Do I hire my filmmaker cousin who is obsessed with Michael Bay?”

Please don’t. Here’s how you do it:

  • Display product capabilities – this process works even better when you demonstrate with technical specifications that your products are superior to the competition.
  • Explainer videos (tutorials if you’re selling makeup) – instructional videos are a nice and digestible way to teach technicalities and difficult processes so that consumers enjoy your product to the fully best!
  • Selection advice – help visitors choose a product that fits best with their interests and your conversion rate will increase. Be friendly, it pays off!
  • Added value – provide additional value with emotional or funny stories involving your products.
  • Simple product or features video – a quick video with just enough information provides consumers with knowledge about the product’s size, texture, features and Halloween costume potential.
  • Grab a camera and don’t overthink it or you’ll end up crying with regret. 

Video content can be expensive but also simple and affordable. There’s no reason for going full blockbuster.

As an unmistakable conclusion

Despite its popularity, most e-commerce businesses ignore video as a primordial component. It is. You should determine how it adds value to your customers’ experience and work it out even with a smartphone. Different to avoid going to the gym, there’s no excuse here.If you want to know more about some cool companies that implemented video with great success on their business strategy, take a look at this article by Richard Lazazzera, e-commerce entrepreneur and content strategist at Shopify.

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