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Are you feeling packed with excitement over your own new website?
...or does the idea setting up your website from the ground makes you want to scream, cry and move to a cave?

If so, choosing a website builder might save your life. Seriously, who knows what’s in the cave?
...maybe I am exaggerating, but it will for sure give you a quick start and make your life easier than you think.

Website Builders Save Time, Money and Energy

Website builders save time, money, and energy. They simplify the creation process and make it site management more effortless. All you need to do is add your fantastic content, click publish, and voilà. To be honest, there's no “voilà” button. Just click publish, and your website is up!

It doesn’t seem that hard, right? That’s why after a decade of working with IT corporations and helping people find solutions to their essential and complicated questions, I decided to move to the freelancing world and continue my task to help humanity reach its true potential. Maybe not that intense.

I designed an easy guide to help you set up your website even if you have no technical or programming skills. And no, watching Silicon Valley does not count as code-experience. Building a website doesn’t have to be a scary task. With the right website builder, you can set up your site and have it running quickly and smoothly. Let me help you with that!


This FREE website setup guide is conveniently efficient and user friendly as:

Its easy to follow and understand even if You are TOTAL BEGINNER

HELPFUL and PRECISE recommendations how to choose right platform

Always LATEST information and trends

We HELP You - just ask!

Basic steps in this guide help you to walk through the whole road of building a website from the very scratch:

First Step: Choose The Suitable Website Builder
Why To Use A Website Builder


The main reason to build your own website is actually the budget. Custom-made website could easily cost You very much more than You can possibly predict and You even have not taken into account all possible changes in the future. So the first question You should ask Yourself is how much money You are ready to invest into Your new website and later customisation.


Nowadays most of the website building platforms are user-friendly environments meant for wide segment of users starting from individuals such as artists, bloggers, photographers, etc. and ending with small companies. The platforms are designed to be used by everyone including people with basically non-existent knowledge about coding as such.


Website building platforms are highly tested in terms of usability, security and all kind of technical parameters such as uptime and speed. You can be sure that all biggest providers are working hard
on developments and support as their core business outcome is directly dependant on their reliability.

How To Choose A Website Builder

This is a very crucial moment now as you have to start choosing. In order to ease your path up to maximum I have divided website builders into two large groups. So if you are a blogger, creative artist, wedding planner, restaurant owner and are looking for a nice informative website, then you should stick to Group A and make your choice from the selection of standard website building platforms. If you are an entrepreneur and your main interest is to establish an online shop, you should see through the selection of special e-commerce platforms gathered into Group B.

After you have checked the product reviews and selected the one that fits your preferences, it’s time to move on with the second step by choosing your web hosting and domain name (in case you don’t have it already registered). After this, you’ll be able to start the setup and installation process.

Second Step: Choose A Domain Name and Web Hosting

Domain name and hosting space are fundamental for your website. Providing you are starting out, I suggest you begin with a website builder of your choice and verify if they offer hosting and domain registration among their services. Most of them do and with some, using the hosting they provide is the only available option. It tends to be quite easy and comfortable to use, so why not give it a shot? Nevertheless, you can also register your very own domain, and that’s a good alternative too.

I developed two quick website builder installation guides to help you and give you a better understanding on how to accomplish the registration processes, in case hosting services are integrated into the website builder (one that only runs in its own server). If you decided to head on with Wix or Shopify, then go to the third step.

Follow my suggestions below when you like freedom and are fond of a websites hosted on service provider's servers, who are specialized of providing all you need in one flexible package: domain registration, hosting service and website builder of your choice. All the service providers on the market have the same principals, though the processes and details may vary depending on the party.

Below you can find tutorials where I accompany you through the process of web hosting and domain name registration. You are free of checking out A2 Hosting, a service provider I'm using myself.

Now that you have a web hosting with your new domain, it’s time to start with setup!

Third Step: Website Setup, Edit and Start Going

At this very moment, you’re only one step away from your brand new website. Can you feel the excitement? To design your website and finish the setup, you just need to follow through the technical instructions and use your imagination. Don’t worry, as I’ve mentioned before, website builders today are user-friendly platforms.

Below you’ll find two quick installation guides, both based on my favorite website builders:

Wix for bloggers, photographers, restaurants, and other forms of informative sites.
Shopify for e-commerce solutions.
wix.com quick installation guide

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shopify.com quick installation guide

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Congratulations! Your new website is up and running! By all means, you can design and redesign it later as you please. Eventually, you’ll need to do it, as your personal and business needs change over time. Also, you may need some additional tools and instruments to take your website to the next level and really stand out. Here you’ll find some of the ones I’m using myself these resources.

I sincerely hope www.bestcloudtools.com website made your life easier. If you find this information was useful and helped you, please share it! ... and in case you’re wondering, I chose the name because most of the tools we are using nowadays are already (or soon will be) on the “Cloud”.